3 reasons why every small business needs A website



As a small business every sale and interaction counts, Most small business owners overlook the idea of forming an online presence. This mistake causes a loss of business and delayed growth and heres why.

Search engines are not sending customers to you

Most shoppers search for the product or service that they need online, with a wide variety of suppliers and vendors online they would probably find the product at a competitor with a good online presence and without an online presence and a good search engine rank many potential clients would not even know that you exist.

Every interaction needs human attention

Without a properly designed website clients need to contact your sales team for every query.  Clients need to wait for a member of your staff to respond to their query, In most cases these queries relate to standard product specifications or process queries.  By forming a online catalog and FAQ most queries of this nature can be handled by your website .

Purchase decisions are easier at home

Many Clients are turning to online shopping as it gives them a chance to look evaluate the available products or services without leaving the comfort of their home saving them the hassle of spending hours looking instore for the perfect product.  The reality is if your business isnt online your products or services wont be evaluated and the potential sale would be lost.