At Mithal Technologies we offer a variety of solutions for businesses of all sectors.  If you have a desire to grow your business whether it’s big or small we can help you form a strategy to take your online presence to the next level .

We offer a variety of solutions our main business offering includes :


Web Developmentwordpress

At Mithal Technologies we cater for all types of businesses.  We offer a range of  web solutions ranging from basic WordPress sites like this one to more complex Bespoke CMS solutions with functional web applications and mobile app ready api’s.

For more information on our offerings and to help you understand our services better please visit the Web Development page .



Integration and Custom Web Api’scogs

Whether you have an api that you need to utilise in your application or need a custom api for your web application, we understand web services and will be able to supply a low cost php solution to cater for most needs.

To find out more about these services please feel free to contact us.




mobileMobile App Development and Customisation

Whether you have an existing app or vision for a new app , we have the knowledge and expertise to suggest the best way forward . Please visit our Mobile development page for a detailed overview on our product offering.







We offer other services such as server hosting and procurement of hardware. If you have any IT related problem and need a solution please feel free to contact us.